Logitech’s G435 is a lightweight, feature-packed wireless gaming headset

Logitech G435 Lightspeed
A PC/PlayStation headset that uses beamforming mics instead of a boom mic. | Logitech

Many of Logitech’s previous wireless gaming headsets cost more than $100, but its latest is a relative bargain without compromising too much on comfort or features. The G435 Lightspeed costs $80, comes in three colorways, and can connect wirelessly to a PC or PlayStation console via its USB dongle, and to a phone, tablet, or other devices via a low-latency Bluetooth connection (Logitech didn’t share specific millisecond latency specs in time for publication). The headset will be available sometime in September 2021 from Logitech’s site.

Its design picks up where the G733 Lightspeed left off, with lots of color, breathable mesh fabric, and plastic all around. There are some differences, both cosmetic and functional. Logitech says the G435…

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