Main Mission: Recompile – The Ascent Gameplay Walkthrough

This video is IGN’s gameplay walkthrough for the ninth main mission, Recompile, in The Ascent, available on Xbox Game Pass. It includes the mini-boss fight while rebooting the AGI core. 00:00 – Intro
00:03 – Mission Start: Recompile
01:00 – Mission Update: React the AGI Cognitive Core
01:37 – Mission Update: How to Reboot the Core
04:55 – Cutscene: Onyx Void Operative Battle
06:45 – Mission Update: Speak With nogHead
07:25 – Cutscene: Chatting With nogHead
17:55 – Reaching the AGI Core
18:40 – Mini-Boss Fight: AGI Reboot
25:52 – Mission Complete: Recompile For more on The Ascent, check out our full wiki on IGN @

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