Main Mission: Unhandled Exception (Ending) – The Ascent Gameplay Walkthrough

This video is IGN’s gameplay walkthrough and guide for the twelfth and final mission, Unhandled Exception, in The Ascent, available on Xbox Game Pass. It includes the final boss fight, which includes the encounter against Dakyne — plus the ending and post-credits scene. 00:00 – Intro
00:40 – Mission Start: Unhandled Exception
03:02 – Superior Component
06:12 – Mission Update: Override the Lock
08:53 – Cutscene: The Gate Opens
10:33 – Final Boss Fight: Defeat Dakyne and Shut Down the Gate
17:29 – Cutscene: Gaining Your Independent Contractor Status
20:30 – Cutscene: Post-Credits Scene For more on The Ascent, check out our full wiki on IGN @

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