Microsoft Pro IntelliMouse aims to be the perfect mouse for gaming and work

Microsoft is again revamping the classic IntelliMouse, this time adding features to make it more suitable for gamers.

The Microsoft Pro IntelliMouse boasts an upgraded tracking sensor which is more sensitive to let you move and aim with greater precision (or that’s the idea), and benefits from more responsive buttons with improved actuation.

Speaking of the buttons, there are five of these, three of which are customizable (you get your standard left and right buttons, the scroll wheel can be pressed, and there are two further buttons).

This is the light color variant, although the lower part of the mouse is still black (Image credit: Microsoft)

The right look

The new Pro IntelliMouse also benefits from a textured finish, and design cues taken from Xbox accessories to make it look a bit more like a gamer’s mouse, as well as feeling like one.

You also get a braided cable for better durability, and the ability to customize the color of the taillight on the mouse.

These are pretty useful sounding upgrades for those who want a more traditional mouse which is suitable for gaming, as well as general computing use (as opposed to a full-on gaming mouse which might not be so comfortable for your everyday tasks).

Microsoft’s Pro IntelliMouse is now on sale via the Microsoft Store in the US (and Canada) where it can be purchased for $59.99 (around £47, AU$87) with a dark or light finish. The peripheral is expected to hit shelves in Europe and Asia at the start of July.


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