Minecraft Dungeons: How to Unlock the Secret Cow Level – All 9 Rune Locations

Minecraft Dungeons’ main story consists of nine levels, each with a secret rune to find. These are not accessible until after you have completed the story and begin playing on Adventure or Apocalypse difficulty. Runes are turned in at the altar inside the church at your camp; you can turn them in one at a time or all at once. With all nine runes turned in, a secret room will open in the church revealing some chests and a scroll, unlocking the secret COW level. Return to the map to access the level and take down the Mooshroom Monstrosity. Rune Timestamps:
0:25 Creeper Woods
1:07 Soggy Swamp
1:50 Pumpkin Pastures
2:57 Cacti Canyon
3:41 Redstone Mines
4:25 Desert Temple
5:15 Fiery Forge
6:02 Highblock Halls
6:53 Obsidian Pinnacle

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