Mission 10: Cipriani’s Chauffeur – GTA 3 Gameplay Walkthrough

Without wrecking the car, drive Toni to Chinatown while following the radar icon. Stop in the blue marker outside Mr. Wongs storefront. When Toni returns to the car screaming, “Triad Ambush,” drive him quickly to the blue marker in the Cipriani Restaurant’s driveway in Saint Mark’s. Lose any Wanted level or police pursuers. After the mission, Tony will invite you over to help in his dilemma. But for now, we will stick with Joey’s work. Also, upon completion of this mission, the Uzi will be available for purchase at AmmuNation. Cipriani’s Chauffeur – 0:00
Drive – 0:42
Cutscene – 1:12
Escape – 1:42
Drop Off – 2:13 For more GTA 3 cheats, tips and walkthroughs, check out our full guide on IGN: https://www.ign.com/wikis/grand-theft-auto-iii/