Mission 41: Escort Service – GTA 3 Gameplay Walkthrough

Escort the OOG and the package retrieved in Grand Theft Aero to a warehouse in Shoreside Vale.
The Cartel will attack the vehicle and if it’s destroyed the mission is failed Use a Flatbed truck or the Barracks OL to run beside the Securicar. Drive near the underground garage in the Love Media building and you’ll see Love’s associate in a Securicar, pulling away to start the trip. What you’re up against: The Damage meter under your Wanted level is the Securicar’s health. Do not allow this level to increase if you can help it. The Securicar is slow and obeys traffic laws. Colombian Cartel Cruisers and pedestrian Cartel will continuously attack the Securicar along its route. Suggestions: Follow closely behind the Securicar and use the rearview mirror (L2 + R2) to spot possible ambushes. Use drive-by shooting when the Cartel are right next to you Cut them off pursuers into oncoming traffic, buildings and any obstructions using the review mirror as an aid. Spin out vehicles as they pass in front of you. Avoid exploding vehicles even if it means stopping and allowing the Securicar to take damage. The Securicar is much more durable than any vehicle you can find to escort it. Be careful not to hit any police cars. You don’t need any more enemies now. Your destination is the AMco structure in Shoreside Vale; once this is reached the mission ends successfully. Escort Service – 0:00
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