Mission 7: Mike Lips Last Lunch – GTA 3 Gameplay Walkthrough

Start by finding a fast sports car and return to Joey’s Garage between six o’clock in the A.M. and nine o’clock P.M. to pick up your first job from Joey Leone. As soon as you take the mission and exit the garage the five-minute clock begins to countdown to end the mission. If everything is not ready to go in 5 minutes, Lips will finish eating and the mission will end unsuccessfully. Follow the icon on the radar to Marco’s Bistro, enter the car with the blue arrow over it and drive it to 8-Ball’s auto-yard. 8-Ball’s garage is indicated on the radar. If Lip’s Idaho is destroyed, the mission will be failed. Lips Forelli can spot the smallest scratch or ding on the Idaho so, be very careful. If you mess it up you’ll have to pay $1000 at Pay ‘n’ Spray within the time allotted so Lips will not notice the damage. If he does notice damage, the mission will be failed. After rigging the bomb onto the car inside of 8-Ball’s garage, drive carefully back to the Bistro (or the Pay ‘n’ Spray if need be) and park it in the exact same space that you stole it from. You must also park perfectly straight or Lips will notice something’s up. When all these parameters are met and time is remaining on the clock, Lips will exit the building, enter his car and become a Forelli souffle. Mike Lips Last Lunch – 0:00
Grab a Car – 0:37
Grab The Idaho – 1:12
Install The Bomb – 4:37
Activate The Bomb – 5:50 For more GTA 3 cheats, tips and walkthroughs, check out our full guide on IGN: https://www.ign.com/wikis/grand-theft-auto-iii/