Mobile Games That Have Stood the Test of Time

There are absolutely millions of mobile gaming apps out there, but only a select few have stood the test of time.

If you own a mobile phone, the chances are that you’ll have played a game on it at some point or another. No matter who you are – whether you’re a hardcore PC gamer or someone who’d never dream of owning a games console – you’ll likely have dabbled in gaming on your mobile phone. Phone games are accessible, often free, and it’s a gadget we have in our hands most of the day.

But while the Play Store and App Store are filled to the brim with all sorts of apps waiting to be downloaded, it’s often the same old favourites that draw us back. Titles like Candy Crush Saga, Angry Birds and Temple Run; games that have been around for many years, but are just as popular now as they were when they were brand new.


To see just how popular these games still are, Betway has put together an infographic highlighting the most loved apps of all time. It calls them ‘Retro’ games, which we’re not sure we agree with; perhaps it’s our age, but we’re just not ready to accept that The Simpsons: Tapped Out et all is ‘retro’ in any sense of the word.

But that blip aside, the below graphic provides an interesting breakdown of some of the most popular mobile games. It takes into account how many people search for them on a monthly basis, how popular they are on YouTube, their user rating and more, generating an overall score based on that data.

It’ll likely come as no surprise that Angry Birds comes out on top, with an overall score of 40/50. Starting out as a mobile game, it’s spawned console games, VR games, merchandise and, heck, even a movie. Tetris is in second place which, strictly speaking, isn’t a mobile game – it started life in 1984 (so actually is retro) though perhaps shot to popularity in 1989 thanks to its release on Nintendo’s Game Boy. There have been many versions of the game since, including numerous releases on mobile.

Again, unsurprisingly, Candy Crush Saga takes third place, only let down by a surprisingly low user score. You might not rate it highly but you know you’ve played it at least once in your life. We all have. Just admit it.

You can view the full infographic below, revealing the 25 most popular apps that have stood the test of time. How many of them have you played?

Image: Betway


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