More Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Comparison Shots Have Been Released

Ahead of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition’s May release, developer BioWare keeps teasing us with comparison shots of just how much the upcoming remaster reimagines the appearance of certain characters and places. The studio has now tweeted a side-by-side for how protagonist Shepard’s appearance changes.

The comparison in question specifically looks at the default appearance of the character in the original Mass Effect. As you would think, the change for the default female version of the character is a far more drastic change, as there was no iconic female option until Mass Effect 3.

Gallery Gallery image 1 Gallery image 2

BioWare said that implementing iconic female Shepard into Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 was one of the first things the studio did for the remaster. “We’ve done another pass on her where we’ve done everything from slightly modifying some larger forms of her face or adding some medium and fine details like wrinkles and pores and specular breakup,” environment and character artist Kevin Meek said.

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