New Details Revealed About Civilization 6’s Next DLC Leader Kublai Khan

Civilization VI‘s fifth DLC, The Vietnam and Kublai Khan Pack, will be releasing on January 28. To get fans hyped up, 2K has released new information on Kublai Khan, an alternate leader for Mongolia and China.

Let’s get familiar with the man of the hour, shall we? Khan was ruler of the Mongolian Empire and founded the Yuan Dynasty in China, serving as Emperor. He ruled from 1260-1294 AD, creating an empire that ran from the Korean Peninsula to the edges of modern-day Baghdad. With a resume like that, he seems like a perfect fit for the Civilization series.

Now, onto gameplay. Khan will be available as an alternate leader for Mongolia and China in Civilization VI, and will feature the “Gerege” ability, which provides one extra economic policy slot in any government. It also grants a random Eureka and Inspiration when establishing a trading post in another civilization’s city for the first time. As leader of China, Khan’s science boosts are more powerful than other leaders’, and his extra policy slot empowers different economic strategies. As the leader of Mongolia, he is able to leverage trade routes to bolster his military might. If you’re looking to play as a civilization with strong economic and military prowess, Kublai Khan might be your guy.

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