New trailers this week: Rebecca, The Truffle Hunters, Sneakerheads, and of course Dune

Lily James in Rebecca | Netflix

OK so I got out of my rerun rut and binged Away on Netflix over Labor Day and… I really wanted to like it! The acting was so good, and it looked beautiful, but the script just strained credibility at every turn.

It got off to a promising start with an incident aboard the spacecraft that makes the rest of the crew question whether first-time commander Emma Green (Hilary Swank) is really up to the long haul mission of guiding them to Mars. And there are great performances from a top-notch cast.

I just wish the writers had resisted the urge to include the standard rom-com tensions and the endless Eureka! moments (ex: person on Earth gets a static electricity shock and realizes it may be the key to helping the space crew out of its…

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