Nickelback brings a swift end to Trump ‘Photograph’ tweet

Image: @realDonaldTrump

Less than 12 hours after Trump used the Nickelback Photograph meme in an apparent attempt to deflect attention from the rapidly developing impeachment proceedings against him, Twitter has removed the video from its platform. Now, underneath Trump’s all-capped instruction to “LOOK AT THIS PHOTOGRAPH!” a short message explains that the video has been removed due to a claim from the song’s copyright holder.

So this is where we’re at in 2019. As presidential candidates and New York Times columnists call for Trump to be removed from Twitter over his threats and claims that a civil war will erupt if he’s impeached, the only people capable of stopping him are Nickelback, who at this point are more famous for being a band that everyone hates…

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Tags: 2019, people, Tech, Video, war

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