No More Heroes 3 – Final Battle Boss Fight Guide

SPOILER WARNING: Be careful! No More Heroes 3 is a game filled with surprises, and sometimes boss fights don’t always go as expected. In other words, we recommend not reading the boss strategy until you’ve actually started fighting the boss to avoid spoiling some of the game’s best moments!

You’ve fought long and hard to reach the end, and now, it’s time for the final showdown of No More Heroes 3. And, seeing how this is a Switch game, there’s only one real way to settle one-on-one disputes: with “sumo.” One-stock, Travis-and-Damon only, Final Destination! For more guides, be sure to check out our No More Heroes 3 beginner’s tips.

How to Defeat Damon

Now that you no longer have three dimensions to work in, you’ll need to change up your strategy a bit. All you need to do to win is to max out Damon’s damage (don’t worry about launching him), but that can be a bit tricky, as he hits pretty hard! Dodging is not as effective as blocking on the 2D plane, so if you’ve become used to dodging most attacks, you’ll want to keep that in mind.

Aside from typical melee (ha!) slashes, Damon also attacks with a damaging rolling dash, a volley of spike projectiles from the air, a ground-pound, and a short-range burst of spikes from his body. You can block all of these, but if you can move or jump out of the way, that’s even better.

When Damon’s damage starts climbing dangerously high, he’ll gain a new technique where he will float into the sky and summon long spikes down to impale Travis. You have a brief window where you can judge where the spikes are going to pierce, so move out of the way to avoid taking damage.

Remember that you still have your Death Glove skills at hand, and can use them to set up a counterattack. Damon can be staggered, stunned, and comboed like every other normal-sized foe, so work to catch him in a string and rack up some tremendous damage! You can also Perfect Dodge, though it’s much harder to do. After you send Damon flying, you can rest easy, knowing that you’ve finally completed the main game of No More Heroes III!


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