Over $200 off the Celestron Ambassador 80AZ Brass Telescope for Black Friday

The Celestron Ambassador 80AZ Brass Telescope is now heavily discounted at Walmart, a steal at over $200 off for skywatchers looking for something unique compared to most telescopes on the market.

With its show-stopping brass design and mahogany tripod, the Ambassador 80AZ is a stunning ornamental piece for the home. In terms of optical prowess, its 3.15-inch (80 mm) aperture makes its design ideal for casual views of the planets, lunar surface and some bright deep-sky offerings in the night sky. 

During our review of this telescope, the moon at first quarter phase — with craters standing out along the terminator (the point between lunar night and day) — is a particularly breathtaking sight through the field of view. Saturn’s rings and Jupiter’s atmospheric bands are also well-received through the optical system, especially with the addition of colored planetary filters.

Included in the price are a variety of accessories, such as a 6×30 finderscope, 25 mm eyepiece and star diagonal with a universal 1.25-inch eyepiece fitting, allowing the astronomer to reach the telescope’s useful magnifications of 189x and 11x. All accessories are forged in brass.

Skywatchers can also make the most of a two-year warranty, ensuring that they have Celestron’s full support during observations of the night sky. An additional incentive that has been bundled in with the Ambassador 80AZ’s reduced price.

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Source: space.com

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