PayPal acquires the company behind the Honey deal-finding extension for $4 billion

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Today, PayPal announced that it has acquired Honey Science Corporation, the company that makes the popular Honey deal-finding Chrome extension, for “approximately $4 billion.” TechCrunch reports that the deal is mostly cash.

When you’re shopping on one of the 30,000 online retailers Honey works with, the extension will find coupon codes for things you add to your cart and attempt to automatically apply them for you. In my experience, though, the codes Honey finds don’t always work — Best Buy’s online store didn’t take a Honey-found coupon for an order I created for a Nintendo Switch, for example — but it’s a useful service to at least help you check for coupon codes before you buy something.

Honey can also track prices of an individual…

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