Persona 4 Golden Walkthrough – Rise’s Commitment and the Shirogane Robbery Solved [Part 74]

Nanako hasn’t yet shown signs of improvement, and Ren’s friends do their best to try and comfort him. Rise comes to visit, and let’s Ren know that she is restarting her idol career. Risette is a real part of her, and she wants to embrace it. She and Ren will both be leaving Inaba eventually, and she gives him a signed picture to remember her by. Their strong bond leads her Persona to transform into a more powerful version. Naoto and Ren tail someone they suspect may be a thief. The person pulls a knife, and Ren steps in front of Naoto. The knife proves to be a fake, a toy used by Naoto in her youth. The next day Naoto introduces Ren to the person who had brandished the knife, it is Yakushiji, secretary of the Shirogane Estate. He reveals that the entire robbery was a ploy to remind Naoto about her joy and passion for detective work. The entire experience developed a strong bong between Naoto and Ren. Naoto’s Persona grows stronger, and Naoto resolves to be herself, and stop pretending to be anything else.

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