Planet Coaster: Console Edition Gets Spooky & Adventure Bundle DLC

Need a little more adventure or spookiness in your Planet Coaster: Console Edition theme park? Well, you’re in luck.

From today, two new DLC packs for Planet Coaster: Console Edition are available. There’s a Spooky Pack and an Adventure Pack, both available separately for £7.99/$9.99 each, or together for £11.99/$14.99.

The Spooky Pack, if you couldn’t guess from the name, adds in a multitude of spooky items. It’ll add two new dark rides to the game, along with a new entertainer and plenty of suitably-themed scenery and building pieces. The rides are The Hoax, a “free-spinning haunted house”, which is as wonderful as it sounds, and the rotating Huntsman.


The bundled scenery pieces allow you to create the perfect haunted section of your theme park, with just about everything you’d expect being included. The misty gravestones, complete with lingering spirits, are perhaps our favourite. But you’ll also find haunted houses, skeletons and more – and you can top it all off by employing King Ghoster, a spooky-themed Entertainer, to keep your visitors on their toes.

The Adventure Pack leaves the scares behind and instead invites your park visitors to channel their inner Indiana Jones. This DLC pack adds a new roller coaster to Planet Coaster: Console Edition; called Gold Fever, it’s a minecart themed ride that takes visitors on a high-octane ride through caves and into a temple. There’s also two water-based rides – Island Adventure and Land Ahoy – tonnes of accompanying scenery, and a new entertainer, Renee Feu.

Both DLC packs, available separately or as the Spooky & Adventure Bundle, are available now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. You’ll of course need Planet Coaster: Console Edition already installed.

Watch trailers for both DLC packs below.

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