PlayStation 5: How to Transfer PS5 Games To and From an SSD

While we wait for Sony to give us the option to increase our internal PlayStation 5 storage space, we’re at least given the option to finally transfer our PS5 games to external drive without having to delete them entirely. Of course, this still comes with a few caveats, so let us break down exactly how to transfer a PlayStation 5 game to and from a SuperSpeed Drive. The ability to transfer games to and from USB Extended Drive is a welcome feature for those that like to keep a lot of games around, but because PS5 games are specifically designed to take advantage of PlayStation 5’s unique internal SSD, games cannot be played from an external drives. Just like before, PlayStation 4 can be transferred to and played from an external SSD. The feature is incredibly handy for users with internet data caps who wouldn’t want to spend the extra bandwidth constantly redownloading games when they get the urge to play something that has been deleted.

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