Professional drone racing will be streaming for free on Twitter this year

<em>Drone racing sees human pilots fly their craft at speeds of up to 80 mph using first-person view goggles. </em>

Fans of the sport of drone racing will be able to get their fix online for free this year. The Drone Racing League (DRL), one of the sport’s biggest groups, announced today that its fourth season will be streaming on Twitter and Chinese video site Youku from August 11th, available for anyone to watch. Races will also be broadcast on NBC and NBCSN.

This is a bit of a departure from the DRL’s previous broadcast strategy. For its last three seasons, the group, which wants to turn drone racing into the next NASCAR, signed deals with pay TV channels like ESPN, Sky, and Disney. For the league’s first three seasons, fans could watch races online, but only if they were subscribed to the relevant provider. With the DRL’s 2019 season streaming on…

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