(PS4, PC): Get Final Fantasy 14: Heavensward DLC For Free (US, EU)

This week has been jam-packed with Golden Week game deals at Steam, the PlayStation Store, and the Nintendo Eshop, and the latest deal is actually a freebie that Final Fantasy XIV Online players will want to snag. If you don’t already own Heavensward, the critically acclaimed DLC is available for free on both PC and PS4 until June 27.

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Important things to know: The PC edition is free from the Square Enix Store as part of its Golden Week sale, while the PS4 version is available from the PlayStation Store. However, both the PC and PS4 expansion require The Final Fantasy XIV Online Starter Edition to play (and in PlayStation’s case, you must own it to even claim). Square Enix notes that its PC download of Heavensward isn’t compatible with Steam’s version of the Starter Edition, so you’ll have to own the base game in some capacity outside Steam.

Here’s where a Twitch Prime membership comes in handy–the streaming site is currently giving away a free PC download of Final Fantasy XIV Online: Starter Edition, but that deal ends tomorrow, May 3, so grab it ASAP if you’re also planning to get the Heavensward DLC while its free. On the Twitch Prime website, scroll right under “Free In-Game Loot & More,” and you’ll see the FFXIV offer.

Get Final Fantasy XIV Online Starter Edition for free on PC »

(US) Get Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward for free on PC »

(EU) Get Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward for free on PC »

(US) Get Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward for free on PS4 »

The Heavensward expansion earned a 9/10 from GameSpot for its exciting and epic continuation of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn’s story, gorgeous visuals, detailed environments, and variety of dungeons and challenges.

“Heavensward is an essential purchase for those who have spent more hours than they’d care to admit in Eorzea,” wrote critic Pete Davison in his Heavensward review. “While new players–or those who never beat A Realm Reborn’s complete story–may feel aggravated at being locked-out of the expansion until they catch up, there’s little denying that Final Fantasy XIV as a whole offers astonishing value for those willing to immerse themselves, and it will only continue to grow and expand over time.”

Source: gamespot.com

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