PS4 Survival Game Stranded Deep Launches Tomorrow

Developer Beam Team Games has announced that its first-person action-survival game Stranded Deep will hit PlayStation 4 on April 21.

Stranded Deep puts you in the shoes of a plane crash survivor in the Pacific Ocean. Alone and marooned, you’ll need to survive the elements, battle against ailments like hunger and thirst, and ward off monsters such as boars and giant squids in order to escape. Check out the initial 2018 announcement trailer and some brand-new screens below.

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Beam Team took to the PlayStation Blog to share some details about Stranded Deep. A passion project and the first console game from “a couple of guys out of Brisbane,” Stranded Deep had been in development for five years and was handled by Telltale Publishing. When Telltale Games shuttered in 2018, Beam Team bought the console rights to Stranded Deep back in order to self-publish it on PS4.

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