Psychonauts 2 Cassie’s Collection Collectibles Guide

Cassie’s Collection in Psychonauts 2 is another long, involved level with a ton of collectibles. The stage loops back on itself a number of times, allowing you to snag some things that you missed as you uncover its many secrets. Still, many are hidden off the beaten path, requiring you to carefully scope out, climb, and explore the library and its connected areas. Below, you’ll find a complete rundown of everything you can snag in Cassie’s Collectibles, and exactly where to find it all.

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Cassie’s Collection Collectibles

  • Nuggets of Wisdom: 4
  • Memory Vaults: 2
  • Emotional Baggage: Duffel Bag, Suitcase, Purse, Hat Box, Steamer Trunk
  • Half-A-Minds: 2
  • Figments: 227

Cassie’s Collection is divided into multiple sections–you’ll not only work your way through the actual library, but into various books and memories that will take you to other locations as well. You’ll have to scour all the locations to find all the many collectibles in the level, and many are in hidden spots.

Nugget of Wisdom: You’ll first start in Cassie’s library, which has some side sections you’ll need to make your way through. In this first room, however, you’ll find some alcoves set into the walls that you can’t quite climb up to. Climb up onto the counter of the library and onto the books to reach the globe hanging above you, and you can then use the height to leap across and float down to each of the alcoves. One contains your first Nugget of Wisdom.

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Suitcase Emotional Baggage: This is also in the very first room you’ll enter. Look for the Suitcase on top of a stack of books in the corner; you’ll be back here a few times, so you can grab it after you’ve advanced to find the Suitcase Tag.

Suitcase Tag: Climb up through the library until you reach a room with a bottomless pit beneath it and flying books that make a path through it. Look for Mental Connection grapple points above you. As you use them to advance, you’ll be able to use them to make your way to a ledge attached to one of the columns in the room’s corner, where the Suitcase Tag sits.

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Purse Tag: As you explore the library, you’ll enter several different rooms, each with a different theme. In the first room where you fight a battle after gaining the Projection ability, climb a stack of books to reach a high alcove among the suitcases. The Purse Tag is inside.

Purse Emotional Baggage: In this same room, look for a raised spot with the illustration of a knight fighting a dragon. The Purse is on the railing beside it.

Half-a-Mind: Once you have the Projection ability, head to the Children’s Literature corner. Before you jump into the book, look for a locked door and use your Projection to open it to reveal the Half-a-Mind.

Memory Vault: After the room with the math equations, you’ll enter another two-dimensional book level. Once you’re through that, when you come back into the 3D world, check behind the book to find the Memory Vault.

Nugget of Wisdom: Also after clearing the second book, check the room for Mental Connection points. You’ll be able to grapple your way up into the air to reach an alcove set in the wall that hides the Nugget of Wisdom.

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Half-a-Mind: This Half-a-Mind is right on the ground in the area known as Librarian Lane–you can’t miss it.

Duffel Bag Emotional Baggage: You’ll eventually jump into a giant world constructed out of books, as you search for evidence against Fannie Flats. Before heading toward the buildings, spin around from your entry point and take the winding street downward toward the docks to find the Duffel Bag.

Hat Box Emotional Baggage: This one is tough to miss. Look for it right in the center of the water in the middle of town, where paper boats sail around it in a circle.

Duffel Bag Tag: There are three main areas in this section of the level where you’re headed to look for evidence. You’ll find the Duffel Bag Tag in the newsprint location, straight across the water from where you start. The area is marked with a big fight, and after you’ve cleared the enemies, you can use your Projection power to open a locked door and reveal the tag.

Memory Vault: Once you reach the top of the newsprint area, go through the 2D book and grab the evidence. Before you leave, head off to one side and you’ll find a small gate you can slip through to find a doorway beyond. That doorway is a portal that will actually take you out to another island in the middle of the dockyard. On it, you’ll find the second Memory Vault.

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Steamer Trunk Tag: On the left side of the circling boats, you can jump up onto some tightropes that’ll help you navigate across the archways and cross the water to where you can climb up to the Marketplace. Before climbing all the way up, you’ll hit the flat platform of an open book. Look to the left along the stack of books for a pathway you can take to reach the tag.

Nugget of Wisdom: At the top of the Marketplace, after you’ve found the evidence, you’ll have the chance to head back down using a grinding rail. Before you do that, look over the front edge of the area to a spot you can drop down to grab the Nugget of Wisdom.

Hat Box Tag Emotional Baggage: You’ll find the Hat Box Tag in the Cannery area, right behind the big ink waterfall to the right of the door near the water’s edge.

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Nugget of Wisdom: Also in the Cannery, you can’t miss this one. Complete your two-dimensional adventure into a book and when you come out, the Nugget will be waiting ahead of you.

Steamer Trunk: Back in the main room of the library, climb up onto the globe hanging above the librarian’s desk. Use your Projection power to make your archetype pull a switch down on the ground–you might have noticed it before, and if you pulled it, it might not seem like it did anything. The switch will make the globe move, allowing you to reach a few things you couldn’t before, including some figments and the Steamer Trunk. When the globe is at its peak, jump across to the Trunk on the left using your Levitation Ball.


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