Quibi continues attempt to explain what it does with series of Oscars ads

Quibi’s 30-second commercial during last week’s Super Bowl left many people asking: “What the hell is Quibi?” Tonight’s series of ads at the Oscars is Quibi’s best try to answer that question.

There are five ads in total, and all take place in bizarre situations. An astronaut in space nearly out of air; an asteroid about to hit earth; a cowboy being tied to train tracks as a train approaches; and even a zombie outbreak. The concept of each ad essentially boils down to people having time to watch a single Quibi episode, even in the threat of danger, because they’re so short. The ads were uploaded to Quibi’s YouTube account prior to the show.

Quibi, the short form video streaming service from famous Hollywood executive Jeffrey Katzenberg…

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