Razer Straw Lets You Liquid-Cool Your Throat

Razer has announced a reusable straw as part of its earth-friendly green initiative. It’s available to order now, and at $20, it may be the most expensive straw you’ve ever used.

The Razer Reusable Straw sports a collapsible design to telescope out into full straw length for easy storage. It’s made of stainless steel other than the silicone tip, and the package includes a silicone carrying case with carabiner and telescoping cleaning brush. The carrying case even has two separate compartments for the straw and brush.

This is part of Razer’s “Go Green with Razer” initiative, which is aiming to boost sustainability by a number of initiatives. Those include disclosures about carbon impact by 2022, consumer recycling of Razer products by 2025, and using recycled and/or recyclable materials in all products by 2030.

It’s also part of a push to expand the Razer brand outside of video game peripherals and into a broader lifestyle market. To that end, CEO Min-Liang Tan recently revealed that the company plans to actually produce and sell the concept N95 mask it introduced at CES this year. It includes features like a clear shield for lip-reading, swappable filters, and of course, RGB lighting.

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Source: gamespot.com