‘Rick and Morty’ pays tribute to Dune, Star Wars and Logan’s Run in crazy new comics for 2022 (exclusive)

Charging into 2022 with a fresh dose of interdimensional insanity are three new “Rick and Morty” tribute comics being delivered by Portland-based Oni Press — and Space.com is offering up a wacky sneak peek at all the crazy covers arriving next year. Here, the dysfunctional duo is serving up an interesting homage to Hollywood with spoofs of sci-fi’s  “Dune,” “Star Wars” and “Logan’s Run.” 

Oni Press and Warner Bros. Consumer Products, in partnership with Adult Swim, are thrilled to announce that their cult favorite “Rick and Morty” comics will debut this trio of fresh stories in spring 2022 with “Rick and Morty Presents: HeRICKTics of Rick,” “Rick and Morty Presents: Morty’s Run” and the four-issue “Rick and Morty: Infinity Hour.”

“Look out 2022, ‘Rick and Morty’ are coming in with a sci-fi fueled bang!” ONi Press senior editor Robert Meyers told Space.com. “We’ve got everything from dystopian near-futures, galactic rebellions, to bad burrito fueled fever dreams! I’m thrilled to be working with so many amazingly talented people, bringing new adventures of “Rick and Morty” to the fans.”

The cover for “Rick and Morty Presents: HeRICKtics of Rick.” (Image credit: Oni Press)

“Rick and Morty Presents: HeRICKtics of Rick” arrives first in January as a special one-shot showcasing the talents of Amy Chu (“Poison Ivy: Circle of Life,” “Sea Sirens”) and Alexander Chang, with artwork by Sarah Stern (“Rick and Morty,” “Aggretsuko”) and lettering by Crank!

If you’re not familiar with the sweeping Dune franchise written by the late Frank Herbert, you might miss that this title is a nod to the “Heretics of Dune,” the fifth Dune book by Herbert, which was released in 1984. According to its official Amazon description: “When Rick discovers the source of a new, incredibly powerful substance, he lays claim to an entire planet in order to monopolize the market. But Rick and Morty aren’t the only ones on the recently renamed Arrickis, and the original inhabitants aren’t going away quietly.”  And just as in Dune, a political power struggle heats up into battle. 

Next up, “Rick and Morty Presents: Morty’s Run” and “Rick and Morty: Infinity Hour” will land in March with more zany cinematic adventures.

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The cover for “Rick and Morty Presents: Morty’s Run.” (Image credit: Oni Press)

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The cover for “Rick and Morty Presents: Infinity Hour.” (Image credit: Oni Press)

In “Rick and Morty Presents: Morty’s Run,” Morty gets sent to summer camp and desperately wants to escape, even turning to Rick for advice. This seems like a clear nod to the 1976 film “Logan’s Run” based on the novel of the same name by William Nolan in which everyone is terminated at age 30 to preserve a utopian society. This entry is written by Ivan Cohen (“Batman & Scooby-Doo Mysteries”), illustrated by Puste (“Rick and Morty”), with colors by Leonardo Ito (“Batman ’89”), and Crank! lettering. 

In the four-issue miniseries “Rick and Morty: Infinity Hour,” Rick is recruited to join a galactic rebellion, joining up with a motley crew of freedom fighters, mystics, and mercenaries. That sure sounds like the plot to “Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope” to us. But will these unlikely heroes vanquish the Galactic Federation? It’s penned by Mags Visaggio (“Rick and Morty,” “Lost on Planet Earth”), illustrated by Marc Ellerby (“Rick and Morty”), with colors by Leonardo Ito and lettering by Crank!

Rick and Morty Presents: HeRICKtics of Rick” lands in comic shops Jan. 26, 2022. “Rick and Morty Presents: Morty’s Run” and “Rick and Morty: Infinity Hour” following on March 2, 2022.

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