Rocket League’s Annual Frosty Fest Gives The Game A Festive Makeover

Frosty Fest, which has happened every year since 2017, is back in Rocket League for another year. The event adds new festive cosmetic items, limited-time events, and a snowy makeover to the recently free-to-play vehicular sports game.

The event begins on December 14, and runs through until January 4, 2021. At the beginning of the event, a limited-time Winter Breakaway mode will be available, which will be replaced by Spike Rush on December 21, and then 2v2 Heatseeker on December 28. These modes will all be played on snowy arenas.

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Over the course of the event, the Floeberg Antenna will be available for free from the Item Shop, while numerous other themed items will be available through completing Event Challenges. These include some re-released items that were available in previous Frosty Fest events.

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