Samsung’s new Smart Monitor is like a TV for your PC

Samsung Smart Monitor This is what the $400 Smart Monitor M7 looks like. | Samsung

Samsung is no stranger to releasing quirky computer monitors, such as last year’s Space Monitor that articulates like the Microsoft Surface Studio desktop. For late 2020, the company is releasing the Smart Monitor, which it claims is the first monitor to combine over-the-top media services, mobile connectivity, and remote PC capabilities. Samsung is releasing the M5 lineup, consisting of a 27-inch size for $230 and a 32-inch size for $280. A 32-inch 4K monitor called the M7 is also coming that costs $400.

It’s not as immediately eye-catching as the aforementioned Space Monitor, but it makes up for it with having more features. Like Samsung’s line of TVs, the Smart Monitor runs Samsung’s Tizen OS software and can connect to your Wi-Fi…

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