Side Mission: Love Thy Neighbor – Dead Rising 3 Walkthrough

IGN guides you through the Dead Rising 3 side mission Love Thy Neighbor. While there are technically three outcomes to this mission, we chose the high ground and completed the one where no one got murdered. Talk to both Matt and Elka (extensively), and they’ll agree to end their dispute if you go and collect five food items and five guns for them. The nearby house (at the end of the block) has plenty of food inside and out, and the motel safehouse has a weapons locker you can use – or you can find and kill five police zombies armed with pistols. Return to the two, drop off the goods and enjoy the fruits of your labor – you now have access to both their food stores and weapon caches. **NOTE: You can also opt to kill either Matt or Elka. Whomever you kill, you will gain access to their stockpile.

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