Snapchat use is, predictably, way up with everyone home and staring at screens

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Snap has been building a product optimized for the pandemic. It features more original content than ever before, as well as games and augmented reality lenses for people to play with, keeping people glued to their screens and in the app longer than usual.

The strategy is paying off. The company said in its earnings call today that it grew its daily active users by 11 million this quarter and by 20 percent year over year. During the first quarter, 60 Snapchat shows reached over 10 million viewers, and more than 20 million people watched a Snap Original that debuted in March. Communication with friends also increased by over 30 percent in the last week of March compared to the last week of January, with more than a 50 percent increase in…

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