Solar Eclipse 2019 in Chile: Chasing Totality in the Atacama Desert

To watch the total solar eclipse of July 2, 2019, I set out to the Atacama Desert in Chile, where totality will make its first landfall in South America. 

On the day of the eclipse, I’ll be making the 90-mile (150 kilometers) drive up from La Serena, Chile to the La Silla Observatory, the European Southern Observatory’s (ESO) oldest telescope facility, where thousands of visitors will congregate to watch the moon cross in front of the sun. 

This isn’t my first total solar eclipse — but I am hoping it will be my first time seeing totality! For the Great American Solar Eclipse of Aug. 21, 2017, I traveled to Nashville, Tennessee, where one very obnoxious cloud stole the show right before totality. The weather forecast for this next eclipse seems promising, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed! 

You can read about my eclipse-chasing adventures in Chile in my travelogue below. I will post updates periodically (WiFi permitting) during the days leading up to the eclipse and on the big day itself. 

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