Steam Early Access Gets A New Turn-Based Battle RPG Where You Can Flirt Your Way To Victory

Bravery Network Online has been released on Steam Early Access. Buy the game by February 23 and you’ll save 10 percent–knocking the price down from $25 USD to $22.49 USD.

This stylish turn-based battle RPG sees you recruit fighters, forming a team to face off against opponents. The game includes traditional battle moves like kicks and punches, but it has its own unique flavor with its more unorthodox moves. For example, you can try to get your foe to forfeit by hurting their feelings or get them flustered by flirting with them.

Hey, I mean, whatever works right?

For those looking to just battle it out against computer-controlled opponents, Bravery Network Online features several single-player stories that explore the post-post-apocalyptic world. But if you’re brave enough, Bravery Network Online has an online mode too, complete with a rankings system.

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