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People are consuming more digital content ever since being quarantined due to coronavirus concerns. The piracy websites have seen a jump of about a 40% increase in traffic. Almost every piece of content that is released online, still finds a way into the pirate websites. At present video piracy alone accounts for about 40 to 97.1 billion dollars loss in revenues for media and elearning platforms across the globe. 

In the past year, we’ve seen a proliferation of e-learning and OTT platforms. As more and more people are forced to stay home, all the learning and entertainment ends up being at home too. But with the rise in the number of these platforms, the video piracy associated with them has also rapidly increased. This has put a major strain on their revenue as users opt for viewing content for free when it’s easily accessible rather than paying for it.  

But, Is There A Solution To Video Piracy?

Yes, there is! And the solution is DRM based video encryption. Video DRMs are the secure encryption protocols maintained by the likes of Google & Apple to ensure the highest security from video piracy. 

DRM makes sure that your content is being stored and streamed in an encrypted format with the highest key exchange security. Multiple DRMs are often used for good device compatibility.

When your user plays a video, the video player sends a request for the key from the license server for the respective DRM according to the device being used. The license server then decides if the user and the device have an authorization, and issues a license response decryption key. Upon receiving the key, the video player then decrypts the video and the content is now played for the user. Certain DRM integrations in Mobile apps can also block screen capture. 

But, even with DRM encryption, there can be other ways a user can exploit your platform. These can be credential sharing and screen recording in some browsers. But even these can be solved considerably by using dynamic user-based watermarking, limiting password sharing by OTP based authentications & restricting multiple logins.

Secure Video Hosting Platform Can Help You Curb Piracy!

You can get the DRM security either by opting for a secure video hosting platform or you can set it up on your own. Opting for a platform is relatively easy as all you need to do is upload the video on the platform and it’ll take care of transcoding, encryption, video player, and integration modules.

Setting up your DRM can be a cumbersome process. You’d have to get authorization licenses from different DRM providers and in some cases official training & certifications. Not to mention the extra work of setting up an account and having a dedicated person for it.

To enable DRM based security you’ll need to make changes at three component levels. One is at the transcoding level, where the content is transcoded, encrypted, and packaged in formats compatible with the DRM systems you need to support. The second level is at video player, the video player must be able to request the key from the license server and decrypt the video. Lastly, the license server which authenticates and responds to the requests from the player. 

So, the easy and more cost-efficient way is to opt for a secure video hosting platform that provides DRM integrated. They’ll take care of everything from encoding, encryption, and player. Also, in case any issue comes up you know who to call.

How Does Vdocipher Fits In All This?

Vdocipher takes care of all the problems mentioned above and some more. Vdocipher is a secure video hosting platform that helps organizations boost their revenues by protecting them from video piracy.

A combination of Hollywood grade DRM encryption, screen capture blocking in mobile apps, dynamic watermarking on the website ensures that your videos can’t be downloaded easily and shared on other platforms available. To top it off, optimized encoding for video makes sure that videos can be streamed seamlessly in places with poor connections. 

All you need to do with Vdocipher is upload your video on the Vdocipher portal. VdoCipher takes care of encoding and encryption.Then you can embed the video code on your website and it'll be as good as done. Embedding can be done using different options including Iframe, WordPress Plugin, and APIs.

How To Protect Videos With VdoCipher?

Getting your videos protected from piracy is fairly simple! In the steps below I’ll briefly explain how you can save your videos from piracy by hosting them on Vdocipher platform.

  • After you’ve signed up to the platform, click on the videos tab on the left menu. Upload your video to the Vdocipher portal for encoding and encryption! It takes some time for processing to be complete and the embed code to be generated, so meanwhile, sit back and relax as we do our magic. You can also import via URL/dropbox/drive/server. You can also use upload API to automate the process.


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  • Embedding the video on your platform! After the video is uploaded, you can easily embed the video on your website. All you have to do is click on the embed button and you’d get access to the embed menu.


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Here, you can see the different options to embed the video on your website. Here you put in a few more restrictions to the video as on the time to expiry of the video, add and watermark to the video. You can also whitelist a particular domain, IP, and location. This way you can make sure that your video only works on your domain in certain countries with only the authorized IP address.


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For WordPress, the process is fairly simple, as we provide a plugin for it. All you need to do is put in the short code involving video id on your page and you are all sorted.


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Also, the videos can be embedded in iOS/ android Apps via our Native SDKs, you can easily find instructions and videos while you try to embed the video.

What Are The Benefits Of  Secure Video Hosting Platform

A secure video hosting platform can work wonders for you in increasing revenue from online videosBelow are the key benefits you’ll get by choosing a secure video hosting platform such as Vdociper.

  • Boost Revenue: Organizations lose a lot of their revenue from online piracy, with a solution which provides DRM encryption. You can make sure that your content can be accessed by users when they’ve paid for it. 
  • Security of your Copyright/Trademark Content: Your content is your biggest asset. 100 random online people having full raw video access to your content weakens your Intellectual Property. Along with revenue loss, you also lose out on your branding. Thus, a secure video hosting platform ensures your content rights are protected. 
  • Improved Content delivery with CDN: Video hosting platforms involving Global CDNs like Amazon AWS Cloudfront . This ensures that the content gets delivered to your users fast, regardless of their location across the globe. It also ensures that any peaks in viewership are handled automatically. 
  • Dashboard & API to manage your video workflows. If you are a small/medium business, then having an easy to use video dashboard is must. Video dashboard is required to manage, segment videos and change settings (e.g thumbnail, subtitle etc.) For enterprises looking to automate their workflows, APIs are best.
  • Good Support: A quality service from your provider can help you a lot. At times you’d be facing certain issues that you won’t be able to troubleshoot on your own. In such situations, having good support can be a real saviour. 
  • Analytics: Data is the new currency! Insights into your users behaviour and keeping a track of what kind of content they prefer can go a long way. 

Next Steps?

It is pertinent that If you are a video platform selling their content online, you invest in a secure video hosting platform. As it can not only save your videos from getting pirated, but also ensures best experience for your viewers. This overall boosts the platform experience and revenues. 

DRM based security is the gold standard for video protection and it is something you should not miss out on. As content and platform owner, it is best to have your precious time devoted to content creation & platform management; while a reliable video hosting service ensures the video security and playback experience.


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