Streaming this week: Patton Oswalt on Netflix, ‘The Great’ on Hulu, and season two of ‘Homecoming’

Janelle Monae in Homecoming | Amazon Studios

If you’re caught up on all your binge watching (my current obsession is The Good Fight because a) Diane’s wardrobe and b) what the hell is Memo 618?!) and need something new to stream, here are five options coming to streaming platforms this week, including a new standup show from Patton Oswalt and the season two premiere of Homecoming starring Janelle Monae.

The Great (Hulu, available now)

Polygon’s Samantha Nelson says this mostly-not-historically-accurate story of the young Catherine the Great is “a Mean Girls costume-drama feel, while upping the stakes with enough violence, sex, and intrigue to satisfy Game of Thrones fans.” Elle Fanning and Nicholas Hoult star.

Hightown (Starz, May 17th)

I am super looking forward to this police…

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