Streets Of Rage 4 Retro Stages Guide: How To Find Them All

Streets of Rage 4 is a fantastic throwback to the classic era of side-scrolling brawlers. While this revisit to one of the Sega Genesis’ most iconic franchises introduces a brand new look and revamped gameplay, its roots are firmly planted in the retro-era, making it a faithful sequel. SOR4 also includes some hidden easter eggs that take the references to the classic games. These include the original soundtracks and the entire cast of unlockable characters from the first three games, but there’s also another set of secrets that take the retro element even further.

Throughout the game, you’ll come across arcade cabinets for Bare Knuckle–the international title for the Streets of Rage series. While you may feel inclined to bash open these cabinets to receive some precious cash to score extra points, these are the gateway to hidden challenge stages that take you back to familiar locales from Streets of Rage 2. To access these stages, you’ll need to pick up a taser weapon and strike the arcade cabinet, taking you to a special battle that you’ll need to clear with only one life. For many reasons, however, this can be tough to pull off, so we’ve broken down how to find each cabinet and what sort of challenge you’ll face in each retro fight.

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Stage 2: Police Precinct

Shortly after breaking out of jail, you’ll encounter a police officer wearing a black outfit named Barney. While you’ve beat down other cops, this one is the strongest. He’ll quickly use a grab to zap you with his taser, so keep your distance and strike him when he’s vulnerable to get him to drop it. Leave the taser on the ground and clear out the extra enemies before proceeding forward.

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