Tenet is now Hollywood’s litmus test for what happens next

Melinda Sue Gordon

Warner Bros. was always betting that Christopher Nolan’s Tenet, his espionage-meets-time-travel film that marked his first since Dunkirk in 2017, would be one of the summer’s biggest movies. Now, Warner Bros. — alongside every other major studio — is looking at Tenet to see if summer movies can even exist right now.

Tenet is scheduled to open on July 17th. Other blockbusters originally slated to open before Nolan’s movie have already found new release dates as studios wait to see if people will, or even can, venture out to movie theaters. Wonder Woman 1984, another big Warner Bros. summer movie, moved from June to August 14th; Disney’s Mulan and Black Widow moved from March 27th and May 1st to July 24th and November 6th respectively;…

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