The best cheap laptop deals and sales for March 2020: prices from just £79

You can save plenty of cash with this range of cheap laptop deals hitting store shelves this week across the UK. In the latest payday sales, these laptop deals are offering some incredible specs at a low price point right now, helping you pick up the machine of your dreams for less. We've got a load of laptop deals offering cheap but roomy SSD storage options, and we've even spotted some 10th generation Intel processors dropping in price this week as well. That means there's plenty up in the £300 – £600 price range to get your teeth into, but we're also seeing some particularly cheap laptop deals on Chromebook machines like this £79 bare necessities laptop up for grabs. 

In general, an everyday laptop used for basic web browsing, entertainment, and email won't cost you more than £300, but once you push past £400 you'll open yourself up to machines that can run higher performance programs with far better specs to support them. That means if you're looking to use Adobe programs or other high-performance software suites, you might want to take a look further down the page. 

The top half will suit those looking to study, browse the web, and take on a few more processing-intensive programs every now and then. We've split our deals by price, so if you know exactly what you want to spend, you'll find a wealth of models and brands available to fit your budget. If you're not sure what you can get for your cash, we'd recommend browsing through a few of the laptop sales on this week below. 

We've also combed each listing for those vital stats to give you the numbers straight up. Compare the models and laptop deals we've found from across the web to find the one that suits your needs perfectly – we'll also give you a bit of background info about each laptop we highlight. For you Apple fans, you might be interested in our MacBook prices and deals page too.

If you're from the States or Down Under, be sure to check out our selection of the top laptop deals in the US or Australia.

Cheap laptop sales and deal highlights

We'll continue adding the best cheap laptop deals in the latest sales as we find them. Up next, you'll find the latest prices on some of the most popular laptops around along with a list of retailers who often have a great selection of laptop sales if nothing else takes your fancy here.

  • Amazon: retail giant is often the cheapest in the UK.
  • John Lewis: models come with at least two-year guarantee.
  • Very: Often surprises with cheap prices on electronics.
  • Laptops Direct: specialist UK store has a huge selection of laptop deals.
  • ebuyer: the UK computing specialists have some great promotions.
  • Currys: the retailer that's seemingly always having a laptop sale.
  • AO: lots of cheap laptops at this growing electronics specialist.
  • Argos: home delivery or pick up a cheap laptop locally today.
  • Dell: get a great laptop deal direct from Dell.
  • Apple: MacBooks aren't exactly cheap, but they're excellent workstations

The cheapest laptop deals on these popular picks

cheap laptop deals prices sales

On release, the Chromebook Flip reached new heights for the Windows-free laptops as it came rocking a proper Intel Core processor along with a HD screen. Most models nowadays come with 64GB of storage instead of the 32GB which is plenty for running apps and storing regular documents and a fair few media files – you can always use a USB drive for more space. For most users, the newer PixelBook is what we'd call 'overkill', not to mention considerably more expensive, so we'd recommend this model if you just need something for work, browsing the net and so on. The Chrome OS works beautifully in this 2-in-1 laptop's tablet mode too.

HP Pavilion 15

A sturdy choice for a study laptop for school/college/uni. The HP Pavilion 15 has plenty of power for the average student's needs while keeping the costs sensible. There are plenty of configurations available too. Some favour speedy SSDs, while others go for larger regular hard drives, so it all depends on what you're going to need more really. Faster loading or more space for storing media files and downloads.

Asus Transformer Mini T102HA

The Asus Transformer Mini series is one of the most reliable brands of 2-in-1 tablet/laptop hybrids on the market. This upgrade includes a fingerprint sensor and double the RAM at 4GB for speedier performance compared to the older models. For your money, this is one of the most impressive two-in-one transformer models out there. Available in orange/white as seen above, or in a traditional grey steel colour.

cheap laptop deals prices sales

Ready to stretch that budget a bit (ok, maybe a lot) further? Then be sure to check out our selection of the very best laptops money can buy as we've used our dedicated price comparison technology to find the cheapest prices for them too. You can always come back to this page if they seem a bit overpowered (and over-expensive) for what you need.


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