The Crew 2: Free Blazing Shots Update Adds New Weekly Events And Cars

The Crew 2 has received a major new free update on PC, PS4, and Xbox One as part of patch 1.5.0, expanding Ubisoft’s ambitious open-world racer with more events, cars, and vanity items to unlock. A new weekly schedule for the game will provide players with several opportunities to unlock rewards based on their performance.

The new Blazing Shots update brings with it new weekly LIVE Summit events, which will be PvE competitions that play out over nine activities pulled from The Crew 2’s numerous different styles and racing disciplines. Your performance, and where you place on the leaderboards, will dictate the rewards they unlock at the end of the week. There will also be a once-a-month Premium LIVE Summit, where players can potentially win a special edition vehicle.

The update launches with a heap of new content, and events and unlockables for the first four weeks have been announced. The Mix Master Live Summit is available right now, with four new vehicles and 8 new vanity items up for grabs. From November 20, the H2O Live Summit goes up, plus a new PvE event and 3 new vanity items. On November 27 the Ghost Recon themed Ghost Road Live Summit will bring a Summit Special Edition vehicle, three new vanity items, and another new event, and from December 4 you’ll be able to take on the Street Fight Live Summit, along with two other events, to gain one new vehicle and three new vanity items. Within a month, a total of 78 vanity items will have been added, and there will be more beyond that too.

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The update also introduces the Elite Bundle 3, which is available for a month at a 20 percent saving. It features the Ferrari 599XX EVO touring car, the Porsche Carrera GT hypercar, and the Citro├źn GT hypercar. All in all, it’s a hefty free update for the game, which first released in July 2018.

Previous updates for the game have brought a demolition derby and hovercraft racing with them, among other additions and changes. In our original 8/10 review of The Crew 2, Edmond Tran said that the game “displays admirable strengths, which lie in its player-friendly features, freedom of movement, and its willingness to bend the rules in order to make things exciting and varied for an accessible, American-themed thrillride.”