The Innsmouth Case Oozes Onto the Nintendo Switch


The Innsmouth Case

The Innsmouth Case, a text-based adventure that blends humour, horror and cutesy art, is now available on the Nintendo Switch.

No, we’ve not lost our minds, though we probably shouldn’t have read that book we found in our great-grandfather’s attic. The Innsmouth Case really does use H.P. Lovecraft’s lore as the basis for a slightly silly horror adventure, despite the fact that most of H.P. Lovecraft’s protagonists end up dead or hugely, hugely unhinged. It does, at least, acknowledge the ‘problematic’ views of H.P. Lovecraft, a polite way of saying he was a racist.

You interact with The Innsmouth Case as if you’re reading a book, albeit one with animated drawings, pausing every so often to make a decision. You’re tasked with finding a missing girl which, as The Wicker Man’s Sergeant Howie would tell you, is bound to work out well. This become progressively stranger until you hit one of the multiple endings, all of which involve kittens, candy-floss and group hugs.


The Innsmouth Case is also available on Steam, Android and iOS, but if you snap it up on Switch right now, you get a 35% launch discount. You can check out the trailer below:



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