The ‘Knight Rider’ theme song played on the cello is the best kind of Gen-X nostalgia

Samara Ginsberg rocks the Knight Rider theme song on the cello | Samara Ginsberg/YouTube

The 1980s show Knight Rider was about a guy who drove a talking car and solved crimes. I think. I (sort of) remember watching a young(ish) David Hasselhoff argue with the car, a 1982 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am named KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand), voiced by William Daniels. KITT had a Cylon-like red light on its (his?) front grill which made the car seem vaguely menacing. Knight Rider was amazing ‘80s television and as such, had an equally spectacular theme song (sidebar: I would like us to get back to TV theme songs that explain the entire plot of the show either in the lyrics or via a voiceover like this one did. I miss you, 1980s).

London-based cellist Samara Ginsberg, who among other things, produces “virtuoso arrangements of…

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