The latest Pixel 4 leak is an app that automatically transcribes your voice memos

Image: 9to5Google

We already seem to know a lot about Google’s upcoming Pixel 4, including one of its new apps: “Recorder,” a new voice recorder app. In a recent 9to5Google hands-on, the app seemed pretty basic — hit a button to record, then share that audio file with other apps. Surprisingly, though, Google seems to have updated Recorder before it’s even been released, with one particularly handy feature: automatic audio transcription.

XDA Developers tested the new transcription feature, and it seems like it worked decently enough. The transcription of XDA Developers’ test recording messed up the name of the speaker (Mishaal Rahman) and added a few too many periods, but it’s still pretty readable:

Image: XDA Developers

Typically, if…

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