The Nubia Z20 is the best take yet on the dual-display phone

Photo by Sam Byford / The Verge

Of all the methods phone manufacturers have employed to get rid of bezels and avoid display notches, the second screen has to go down as the most elaborate. Who needs a selfie camera when you have a display on the back of the phone that you can use as a viewfinder? The most prominent example so far has been Vivo’s Nex Dual Display Edition from 2018, though the company’s return to pop-up selfie cameras with the Nex 3 suggests it may not consider its experiment to have been a success.

ZTE spin-off Nubia, however, is pushing forward with the idea. After last year’s Nubia X saw a low-key release in China, the company is now iterating on the dual-display concept with the Z20, the latest iteration in its flagship Z-series. And, unlike many…

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