The Picard Panel: Beam into our ‘Star Trek: Picard’ talk today!

Join the crew today at 4 p.m. ET/2100 GMT to talk Episode 5 of “Star Trek: Picard!”

Hey, space fans! How do you like your tea? 

If you answered “Earl Grey,” hot, well then do we have a live show for you. On Friday’s through March, is taking a look at “Star Trek: Picard,” the latest installment in the “Star Trek” franchise on the streaming service CBS All Access. Our Picard Panel will air live here and on our YouTube channel VideofromSpace at 4 p.m. EST (2100 GMT)

Sir Patrick Stewart reprises his role as the iconic Jean-Luc Picard, the former captain of the USS Enterprise from “Star Trek: The Next Generation.”

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“Star Trek: Picard” is set decades after the TNG series, picking up plot lines from “Nemesis” and 2009’s “Star Trek” reboot, while exploring themes of loss and redemption. Oh, and the Borg are involved somehow, which is awesome. 

So yes, we’re excited. 

Each Friday in the show’s run (it airs each week on Thursdays),’s Chelsea Gohd will moderate a panel of Trek fans from and our friends to discuss that week’s episode and take your questions about the show and its place in Trek lore. 

So beam on in and join us at the Picard table this week! We’ll save you a seat in the Ready Room!

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