The Winter Event Has Started in Overwatch and Has Two New Game Modes

Overwatch Winter Event 2020

I never knew I needed a lumberjack Torbjörn until this very moment.

December brings about the Christmassy festivities in both the outside world and in the virtual world of our video games. Overwatch is no exception; its annual festive event has started, and it’s as lovely as ever. Players will be familiar with Mei’s Snowball Offensive, but there are some new things to do this year as well as, of course, brand new cosmetics.

In regards to the cosmetics, this year’s legendary skins are:

  • Toyboy Zenyatta
  • Penguin Mei
  • Ice Empress Moira
  • Lumberjack Torbjörn
  • Conductor Reinhardt

Legendary skins cost 3,000 currency as usual and any skins from previous years cost 1,000. In addition to these legendary skins are three new epic skins which players can unlock by winning Quick Play, Arcade or Competitive matches. This week’s skin is Elf Junkrat, and the following weeks will see Gingerbread Ana and Snowman Roadhog become unlockable.

As for the new game modes, there are two this year: Mei’s Snowball Offensive 8 Player Free-for-All and Freezethaw Elimination. The 8-player free-for-all is exactly as it sounds. 8 players face off to see who can get to 20 kills first. Getting in top three your first time playing will award you a loot box.

Freezethaw Elimination is very similar to 3v3 Elimination, but what makes it wintry and fun is that when you die, you turn into a block of ice and your teammates can thaw you to join the fight again. If you win the round, the characters your chose are taken off the table and you have to choose someone else. First to three wins is the overall winner.

Also available to play are Overwatch’s festive modes from previous years: Mei’s Snowball Offensive and the ever-popular Yeti Hunt. If you log in during the event you’ll get two free Christmas lootboxes which are guaranteed to have at least one Christmas item inside of them.

Log into Overwatch right now to pick up some of the awesome new cosmetics and to try out the exciting new game modes.


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