This Nintendo Switch Zelda-Themed Messenger Bag Carries Everything You Need–And It’s On Sale

Sure, you can toss your Nintendo Switch in a regular old backpack and be on your way, but if you travel regularly, you may want something specifically designed to carry the console, dock, controllers, and cords. That’s where the PowerA Everywhere messenger bag comes in. Amazon has this cute messenger bag on sale for $21.66 (was $40). Best of all: It’s The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild-themed, with the Triforce and Hylian Crest emblazoned on the front.

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PowerA Everywhere Messenger Bag (Breath of the Wild)

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The messenger bag has dedicated spots for the console, dock, power/HDMI cords, and Joy-Con grip. The Joy-Con grip compartment has a strap to keep it snug, and it looks like there’s enough space to store an extra pair of controllers. Alternatively, you could use that spot for a Pro controller.

It also comes with a black Switch carrying case featuring its own Zelda emblem. The case is designed for the original and refreshed Switch with better battery life, not the Switch Lite. Though the carrying case sadly doesn’t have any slots to store game cartridges, it’s still a nice bonus. You can most likely fit your own Switch carrying case in the messenger bag compartment.

To be clear, this Zelda messenger bag is really only a good purchase if you’re buying it for your Switch. There’s no room for a laptop or anything like that. But the thin, zippered compartment on the back has room to store random small items.

As this is Amazon we’re talking about, there’s no telling how long this Zelda messenger will be on sale. The Mario and generic gray/black versions of the same bag cost more than $30 each. Essentially, you’ll want to pick this up as soon as possible if you’re interested.

While you’re at it, how about some deals on recent Nintendo Switch games? Amazon is running another giant sale on games, including Super Mario Maker 2 for $49.94.


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