Today in Christmas miracles: a failed electric scooter company is getting bailed out

It’s a Christmas micromobility miracle!

Failed scooter business Unicorn is getting bailed out by rival company Unagi, after Unicorn had to shut down recently without any money leftover for refunds. David Hyman, CEO of Unagi, told The Verge that he can offer a $1,000 Unagi electric scooter to any of the 350 people who bought Unicorn scooters. Nick Evans, CEO of Unicorn and co-creator of gadget tracker Tile, confirmed the deal, and said he will offer refunds to anyone who doesn’t want the Unagi scooter and just wants their money back.

“We put together a creative solution,” Evans said. “I’ll be paying out of pocket personally to get this done, and it’s been pretty challenging, but I definitely want to do right by everyone.”

“It will cost…

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