Total War Warhammer II’s The Twisted & The Twilight DLC is Out Now

Twisted Versus The Twilight

Total War Warhammer II‘s latest expansion, The Twisted & The Twilight is out now.

This new add-on doesn’t, to our disappointment, feature Edward Cullen getting mauled to death by giant rat people. Instead, it adds new Legendary Lords to the PC-based fantasy RTS.

Those who purchase The Twisted & The Twilight (and who own the base Total War Warhammer II) will be able to play as Throt the Unclean, a gruesome, mutated creature who specialises in taking down large enemies. He wields the Creature Killer and Whip of Domination, which sound suitably twisted to us.


Fighting on the side of good are two other lords, Naestra and Arahan, the Sisters of Twilight. Aside from being handy with a bow and spear, they can ride atop a Great Eagle or Forest Dragon, proving that Lord of the Rings could have been over in one movie.

Twisted Versus The Twilight

The DLC also adds other units, including Wolf Rats, Great Stag Knights, Zoats and Brood Horrors, all of which sound like they really need a hug.

If you own the full version of Total War Warhammer II, you can purchase The Twisted & The Twilight on Steam. Or, if you want a closer look at what the DLC offers, check out the trailer below.

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