Valorant 2.02 Patch Notes Are Live Now

The 2.02 patch for Valorant aims to start the process of fixing running accuracy, along with shifts to the Competitive system to help ensure players are reaching the proper rank faster while stabilizing the battle for top ranks.

One of the first things the patch is touching up is rifle movement accuracy. All rifles now have a much higher amount of error when moving and shooting. This is to help combat the sensation of running kills gained using rifles, and will make getting kills with rifles while moving more difficult (but not impossible if you can get close enough).

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As far as changes to Competitive mode go, there are a few new things going on. Up first is the MMR to Rank Convergence increase, which will increase your Rank Rating (RR) if your MMR isn’t equal to your rank faster. This change should also lead to fewer RR losses per loss as well, and will hopefully help players reach the rank that suits them best in fewer games. Additionally, this patch is introducing a performance bonus for players from Iron to Diamond, which will reward players who perform exceptionally well in a match. The in-game matchmaker has a notion of how it can expect you to play, so if you surpass those expectations you’ll be getting some extra RR.To make sure players can’t just 5-stack their way to the top, Diamond 3 is now being converted to Solo/Duo. This alongside the changes to Convergence will reduce the total number of games that 5-stacks can play together before being forced into Solo/Duo.

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