WeWork is divesting itself from its ‘non-core businesses,’ including a wave pool company

WeWork Cancels Plans For Its IPOPhoto by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Earlier this week, SoftBank’s Masayoshi Son said that it was a mistake to have invested in WeWork, and shared a “simple” three step plan to turn around the company, which included dumping side businesses that aren’t profitable. Well, it seems like that might be happening soon, as WeWork has published a “90-day game plan” that divests itself of those non-core businesses and includes internal layoffs, as first reported by CNBC.

Here are the businesses that WeWork says it is going to get rid of. One is a company that makes wave pools.

  • Conductor, a digital marketing platform
  • Managed by Q, which makes software to help office teams hire service providers
  • Meetup, which helps people meet up for various activites
  • Space IQ, which makes…

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