WhatsApp will now help you de-clutter your phone WhatsApp

Though WhatsApp has become the primary mode of personal audio, video and written communication, it has also become a source of a lot of spam that eats up your smartphone’s internal storage.

This massive amount of junk not only hogs the precious storage space on the phone but it eats up your mobile or WiFi data every time WhatsApp saves a backup on your Google Drive account if you’ve set that up as well. As of now, people use multiple ways to limit WhatsApp from filling up space on the phone like not downloading all the media files (especially those irritating good morning and good night forwarded wishes).

Some people habitually delete these images after checking, however, not everyone can do so and that’s where the problem lies. Now it seems WhatsApp has taken the onus to help users keep their phone’s storage light. According to a report from WAbetainfo, WhatsApp is soon going to introduce a new feature that will allow users to easily remove unwanted large media files that you’ve collected over some time.

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The new feature, that is currently being beta tested, would reside under the Data and Storage section and offer a graphical representation of how much data has been occupied with the files received via WhatsApp. A new section will be added that shows all the forwarded files with the large files listed separately.

Since the file type along with their size will also be shown there itself, it will become easy for the users to delete the unwanted files.

Once introduced, this feature can be extremely helpful in instantly freeing up space on the smartphone, especially for people who are not technically savvy enough and do not know how to search for specific files and delete them.

(Image credit: WABetaInfo)

Meanwhile, another report says that WhatsApp is also working on bringing yet another key feature known as support for multiple devices in one of its upcoming updates. Again thanks to WABetaInfo, who shared the above screenshot , it appears to suggest that “Linked Devices” will allow users to use WhatsApp with the same number on at least 4 different devices simultaneously.

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Source: techradar.com

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